If you blinked, you might have missed it—VIP tickets for CANCON AZ 2024 were gone faster than you can say “lock and load”. In just three minutes, enthusiasts snapped up the passes, each eager to get their hands on a VIP Bag bursting with more than $2300 worth of top-tier tactical gear.

So, what’s in this treasure trove? Let’s take a peek inside and find out why this bag’s got the community buzzing.

A Toolkit Fit for the Tactical Enthusiast

Every item in the VIP Bag is a testament to the support of the 2A community, and a tip-of-the-hat to some of the best customers the industry could ask for. Here is a breakdown of what made it inside this year:

  • ANECHOIC: Those with VIP bags are given a suppressor of their choice from their entire line of suppressors. Potentially a $1200 value!
    URL: asilencer.comPhoto of an 3d printed anechoic supressor.
  • Mission First Tactical: MFT provided VIP's with several goodies, including Clear 30rd Magazines, two ACHRO 10L EDC Sling Bags, and a 32oz. M18 Red Smoke tumbler.
    URL: missionfirsttactical.comPhoto of MFT's ACHRO 10L EDC sling bag.
    Photo of an M18 red smoke MFT tumbler.
    Photo of a clear MFT magazine.
  • B5 Systems: A B5 Bravo Stock and a Type 23 Pistol Grip were added to the VIP bag courtesy of B5 Systems.
    URL: b5systems.comB5 systems stock and foregrip.
  • SilencerCo: Although not physically present, Silencer Co. provided a voucher allowing VIP's to choose and receive a threaded barrel of their choice directly from the website.
    URL: silencerco.com
  • Breek Arms: Provided their Sledgehammer Charging Handle, specifically designed for gas regulation.
    URL: breekarms.comA breek arms sledgehammer charging handle.
  • True Blue Gun Lube: To keep things running smoothly, True Blue added 3oz bottles of gun lube to the VIP bag.
    URL: truebluegunlube.comBottle of True Blue gun lube.
  • CRKT: Knives are to firearms as cheese is to wine, and CRKT paired this VIP bag with their own Cinco Knife.
    URL: crkt.comPhoto of a crkt knife.
  • 5.11 Tactical: To ensure there was enough storage for all the product and merch being dished out, 5.11 added their RUSH 12 2.0 BACKPACK 24L to the mix.
    URL: 511tactical.comPhoto of bags that were included with CANCON vip tickets.
  • FN Firearms: Beneath everything on the VIP table is an FN shooting mat. FN also provided their thick, hardcover edition of “The Ultimate FN Book”, and a custom etched shot glass.
    URL: fnamerica.comFront cover of the book History of FN.
    Photo of an FN shot glass.
  • EOTECH: A custom branded EOTECH mouse pad was added to the VIP bag to enhance the office workspace.
    URL: eotechinc.comPhoto of an eotech mousepad.
  • Aimpoint: Provided a custom branded coffee tumbler.
    URL: aimpoint.com
    Photo of an Aimpoint tumbler.
  • Dead Air Silencers: What better to keep the blazing Arizona sun off your face than a baseball cap, courtesy of Dead Air Silencers.
    URL: deadairsilencers.comDead Air Silencers ball cap.
    Silencer ball cap.
  • Langdon Tactical: The VIP bags had a bunch of swag, including appropriately themed velcro patches from Langdon Tactical.
    URL: langdontactical.comVelcro patch of a pistol.
  • Silencer Central: Keeping things cool, Silencer Central threw their custom branded koozie into the VIP bag.
    URL: silencercentral.comCan coozie.
  • Armaspec: Provided their ambidextrous charging handle for a potent
    URL: armaspec.comArmaspec charging handle.
  • Four Branches Bourbon: Provided a discount card for 10% off of a bottle of Four Branches Bourbon.
    URL: fourbranches.com
  • Maxim Defense: Provided a $250 discount card for use at the Maxim Defense website.
    URL: maximdefense.com
  • SDI: A custom branded Sonoran Desert Institute tumbler was Included in the with VIP bag.
    URL: sdi.eduPhoto of an SDI tumbler.
  • Tion: Along with some vinyl velcro patches, Tion Suppressors also included a voucher for 30% off any Tion Supressor.
    URL: tioninc.comPhoto of TION swag.
  • Sig: Provided several custom branded decals.
    URL: sigsauer.com
  • Timber Creek Outdoors: Too help upgrade the versatility of the VIP's firearms, Timber Creek Outdoors included their ambidextrous safety selector in the VIP bag.
    URL: timbercreekoutdoorsinc.comTimber Creek Outdoors ambi safety selector.

2A Gear For the 2A Lifestyle

The CANCON AZ 2024 VIP Bag is indicative of a lifestyle of preparedness, self-reliance, and the right to bear arms. It’s about ensuring you're as ready for the range as you are for the unexpected. In addition to the cool swag and sexy merch, this bag was packed with purpose.

Those lucky few who snagged one managed to get a kit that’s as serious about shooting as we are. To everyone else? Keep your eyes peeled for CANCON Georgia later this year—you won’t want to miss out twice.

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